1. “Your passion is contagious! Extremely helpful information presented in a meaningful way that hit home. The information I’ve learned will greatly improve me and my team’s work experience.”

Amie Ramsey, Wellness Mgr

Lakewinds Natural Foods. Minnetonka, MN

  1. “I loved this! Great involvement of trainees, lots of great tools, excellent role play acting, great food! You bring your collective passion and wisdom very effectively to the rising generations of natural foods leadership!”

Rose Olson, Bakery Mgr

Moscow Food Co-op, Moscow ID

  1. “I already feel re-fueled and like I have greater tools to do my job much better. I wish my whole staff could be here to hear this. The motivation, sense of humor, etc. is so awesome and valuable. I couldn't have asked for more solid, positive, fun and interesting educators. Thank you!”

Leah King, Deli Counter Supervisor

Oneota Community Co-op, Decorah IA

  1. “More than I expected! Seminar content was awesome. This is essential for ANY manager to be successful -- seriously! I enjoyed the passion, energy and dedication of the seminar facilitators. Their sense of humor, animated role plays lightened the atmosphere -- thanks!.”

Perry Jurek, Prepared Foods Mgr

Linden Hills Co-op, Minneapolis

  1. “I was prepared for three days of useful information and received so much more. It was inspiring and more insightful than I ever imagined. The presentation is simple to grasp and absolutely crucial to successfully leading a team. I’m so excited to go home and do my job with these tools in my kit!”

Tyler Kulp, Asst Cafe Mgr

East End Food Co-op, Pittsburgh

  1. “I came away from this with some great ideas, information and a new excitement to go back and do good things. Incredibly informative and, for as much info that was presented, I never once lost interest. You really have your act together and your passion is infectious.”

Susan Drake, Asst Grocery Mgr

East End Food Co-op, Pittsburgh

  1. “Invaluable expertise and effective info sharing. I’ve been provided a lot of info and feel confident I can make positive changes in my departments. I was a little worried I’d be bored or overwhelmed, and this was not at all the case! I loved sharing space with so many dedicated and passionate co-op folks!”

Alex M., Multi-Dept Buyer

Mariposa Food Co-op, Philadelphia

  1. “This was an unbelievable experience! I learned a ton about how to improve our store’s operations and management. Lots of relevant information was very well organized and presented. You covered so much material and kept us all engaged for three days straight.”

Loren Kelley, Asst Store Ops Mgr

River Valley Market, Northampton, MA

  1. “Way beyond belief! I’ve never felt so motivated within a 3-day period – ever! It was so well presented. I loved every minute! It felt like the presenters were your friends, helping you be the best person you could be. If everyone in world got to go to this seminar, the world would be a better place!”

Terri Weston, Cheese Mgr

Hanover Consumer Co-op, Hanover, NH

  1. “I’m grateful I was able to attend Rising Stars. I wish all our company managers could attend. It’s priceless to be able to take some time to learn how I can do my job better, rather than continue struggling to figure it out.”

Jessica Bagley, Bulk Mgr

Hanover Consumer Co-op, Hanover, NH

  1. “Excellent. Amazing. Engaging. I found all the topics engaging and very useful. Anyone who works in this industry will find something to learn and be (re)inspired. Rising Stars 2, here I come!!!”

James van Bolhuis, General Mgr

The Sweet Potato, Toronto

  1. “This training is engaging, perfectly relevant to all positions, and inspiring. There is no way to put into words the joy that I am leaving with. I have a refreshed vision of my role and my co-op. The content is presented in an inviting and entertaining way that forces you to suck it all in with a smile!”

Rachael Eide, Training Coordinator

Lakewinds Natural Foods. Minnetonka, MN

  1. “The quality of content and delivery are outstanding. The Rising Stars series is the gold standard of training seminars for natural foods leaders. Our co-op’s contingent is energized and looking forward to using their training together!”

Dan Arnett, General Mgr

Sacramento Natural Foods Co-op, CA

  1. “Our managers came back completely inspired and invigorated by their time at Rising Stars 2. They expressed gratitude for the investment, and appreciation for the breadth and depth of the training. Thanks for all your great work on this program. We are proud to continue our commitment to sending our managers through Rising Stars 1 and 2.”

Chris Maher, General Mgr

BriarPatch Co-op, Grass Valley CA

  1. “The topics and content were relevant to so many of the challenges we face daily, and I’m leaving with an understanding of how to effectively deal with those challenges. The content will help any manager become better – and leave inspired to take their organization to a higher level. I left with great tools that will be put to immediate use, and a renewed energy and attitude.”

Justin Pizzella, General Mgr

East End Food Co-op, Pittsburgh PA

  1. “You all do such a great job of working as a team, polishing your presentation and inviting feedback. It’s all relevant, real-time and interesting. I needed to go to bad presentations to realize how fantastic and effective you are. Well done!”

Mary Vorndran, Bakery Supervisor

Seward Co-op, Minneapolis

  1. “Exceeded my expectations. The topics and conversations were at a much higher level than I anticipated. Even in areas I feel very competent in, I heard new things, and new ways of saying things – lots of take-aways. Getting management to commit to these ideals and understand their importance will improve their performance and leadership.”

Sharret Rose, HR Mgr

La Montanita Food Co-op, Albuquerque NM

  1. “I leave Rising Stars 2 with enthusiasm and tools to tackle real issues to facilitate positive change in my workplace. This is a must for natural foods management personnel. RS1 and RS2 were amazing experiences.”

James Munro, Operations Mgr

Big Carrot Natural Food Market, Toronto

  1. “I loved the depth that was involved and encouraged for the topics covered. This is an invaluable tool toward creating and maintaining a dynamic workplace full of integrity. The atmosphere the three of you created for self reflection was perfect: safe, funny and honest.”

Kelley Kriner, General Mgr

Food Conspiracy Co-op, Tucson AZ

  1. “This seminar absolutely exceeded my lofty expectations. The content was clear and concise, flowed perfectly and leaves me ready to set the world on fire! I loved the segments on Integrity, Impulse Merchandising and Mastering Middle Management. Thank you for another enriching experience.”

Jeremy White, Wellness Mgr

Lakewinds Natural Foods. Minnetonka, MN

  1. “Thanks for the great training! We are so thankful for Rising Stars and have been able to learn from your combined experiences. Our employees enjoyed the training and have our full support with regards to accomplishing their Action Commitments. All of our managers will be attending Rising Stars 2 as we believe it is a valuable training resource for their development.”

Robert Assaf, Owner

Kardish Health Food Centres, Ottawa ON

  1. “As a newer member of leadership the tools you presented really make me confident of my future in management -- and to make my department and store truly successful and vibrant in the future. Thank you so very much once again. This was another great experience.”

John Holmes, Produce Supervisor

Hanover Consumer Co-op, Hanover, NH

  1. “This made me dig deep into how I look at our business and what role I can play in its success. It was really great! You understand and live co-op management and provide great strategies for our business. Overall, amazing material and I’m ready to go back and implement.”

Stephanie Aman, Marketing Mgr

Just Food Co-op, Northfield, MN

  1. “Surpassed my expectations by far. It’s an incredible thing you three do, to create a learning experience that is chock-full of nuts and bolts, nitty-gritty content, that’s carried along (but not overwhelmed) by an undercurrent of spirituality and love. I would not hesitate to recommend this seminar to others and I would insist on it for anyone in a leadership position in my store.”

Patricia Smith, Operations Mgr

Willimantic Food Co-op, Willimantic, CT

Kudos & Testimonials

Our seminars are a frequent training service to some of the continent’s leading cooperative and independently owned natural foods stores.

Here’s feedback from our galaxy of more than 2500 Rising Stars Seminar participants.

Rising Stars           Testimonials

Rising Stars           Testimonials